After two whiffs, Razer’s latest Tomahawk PC cases look practical enough to actually exist


After two whiffs, Razer’s latest Tomahawk PC

Last January, we demonstrated you Razer’s wonderful looking Hatchet World class work area PC case, with its gull-wing entryways and auto-lifting top for exorbitant warmth.

This January, I enlightened you regarding the dazzling Razer Hatchet prebuilt work area, with slide-out upgradable Intel NUC Component modules and space for the most recent GPUs notwithstanding its little 10-liter casing.

Supposedly, no item called the “Razer Hatchet” has entirely dispatched. However, that isn’t shielding Razer from attempting again today with a couple of viable looking PC cases for moving your own framework.


The new $199 Razer Hatchet A1 (ATX) and $179 Hatchet M1 (Small scale ITX) are genuinely standard if very adaptable cases with a couple of highlights that set them apart — principally, a couple of treated glass boards with back pivots so they can turn in reverse like self destruction entryways, and can likewise be lifted right off.

While the picture above says they’re made of aluminum, Razer’s site says they’re made of steel. We’re attempting to get clearness on that now.

They include Razer’s Chroma RGB lighting underneath, and they’ve additionally got common luxuries like committed drive narrows and mounting spots for 2.5-inch SSDs, loads of link the board, and — on account of the ATX variant — space for a 360mm radiator in advance and up to a 240mm radiator up top.


Each case accompanies a USB-C port up top with 3.2 Gen 2 velocities, devoted mic and 3.5mm combo jacks and two USB-A ports, and an attractive residue channel at the exceptionally top.

At 356 x 202 x 321.5mm, the Hatchet Smaller than normal ITX won’t win any honors for being especially little — notwithstanding just supporting Scaled down ITX/DTX motherboards and SFX/SFX-L power supplies — however it should fit most Nvidia RTX 3080 cards available with its 320mm of designs card room.


Razer’s Little ITX case is accessible for preorder today at, delivering in November, with the ATX variant coming at some point this fall. I wouldn’t hope to actually find out about the Hatchet Tip top or Hatchet NUC once more: starting yesterday, the NUC was simply recorded as an “idea” on Razer’s site, and almost two years after the fact, the Tip top was as yet an “inform me” item.

Razer says it’s likewise working with motherboard makers to coordinate Chroma RGB lighting, with the primary AMD sheets from ASRock coming in Q4.

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