Amazon Sales shoot up this week as demand for pepper spray rises

Amazon Sales shoot up this week

It kills me to my stomach to know that this is happening in our society even today. It is 2020. We can do better and we should do better!

To give you a brief, a tragic incident occurred wherein George Floyd was killed at the age of 46 by a US police officer. Just like any other day, Mr. Floyd went to his regular shop to buy a pack of cigarette. He gave a 20$ bill which happened to be fake as per the story employee. The employee demanded his cigarette back however Floyd refused to do so. Believing the $20 bill to be a counterfeit, he called 911 and reported the incident. He also informed that Mr. Floyd was “drunk” and “not in control of himself”.

After a few minutes on arrival of police officers, Mr. Floyd was pulled out of his car and handcuffed. When they tried putting him in the police car, Mr. Chauvin arrived at the place. All officers including Mr.Chauvin attempted to put him in the police car. While this was happening, Mr. Chauvin harassed him until Mr. Floyd fell on the ground.

He was lying there with handcuffs, when Mr. Chauvin placed his knee between his neck and head for eight minutes and forty-six seconds. Mr. Floyd pleading for his life after eight minutes did not respond at all and passed away. After an hour, he was declared to be dead.

This lead to the humongous rage in black people and in people who support equality and justice. People came down to the streets asking justice for Mr. Floyd. When the crowd went out of hand, the police started using pepper sprays and tear gas on the non-violent protestors. 

To protect themselves, the citizens started stocking pepper spray via Amazon leading to shooting up its sales on Tuesday. A sabre-brand half ounce container was top selling item on Tuesday followed by a face mask as second. According to amazon statistics, there has also been a spike in demand for black lives matter merchandise and even book “White Fragility: Why It’s So Hard for White People to Talk About Racism”

A company like Amazon can surely afford to donate profits from these sales in order to support for the cause. Well, we need to do our part. Be open for a conversation, educate yourself, enter into the system, and create as much awareness as you can through whatever medium. It’s high time this STOPS! 

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