Android 11 is finally bringing a modern UI to some existing features

Android is, consistently has been, and consistently will be jam-pressed with programming highlights. Indeed, even the most no frills programming as observed on something like the Pixel telephone will have highlights that you never realized you required until you needed them. What’s more, it will likewise have highlights you didn’t know existed in light of the fact that they are covered up with no kind of UI to really utilize them.

Fortunately, Android 11 brings two of these exceptionally helpful highlights to the light with a legitimate — and simple — approach to utilize them: screen recording and remote ADB (Android Debug Bridge, an approach to speak with a PC).

You’ve presumably observed something on the web about these “new” highlights, however what a great many people don’t have the foggiest idea or recollect is that nor is new by any means. That is a disappointment on Google’s part; when something clients or engineers (or both) need is placed into Android, not having an approach to effortlessly utilize them implies perhaps Google shouldn’t have disturbed in any case, ya dig?

Enough of the old, how about we take a gander at the new. You would now be able to record what occurs on your screen, total with touchpoint markers and sound, by essentially tapping a symbol in the fast settings bar. Already, you expected to interface your telephone to a PC and type out an order or discover an application that could imitate the order on the telephone itself.

Nor is a terrible thing, and it doesn’t give the idea that whichever way will vanish. The greatest change from what I can tell is that now you can do it without the composing or an outsider application. Essentially adding a third decision to how you can record your screen, particularly one so natural to utilize, is the thing that we love to see.

Remote ADB is one more new element that is not new. In any case, on the off chance that you figure you may ever need to utilize it, thank whatever God(s) you have faith in that Google at last made it simple to utilize. With Android 11, you flip a virtual switch and enter in some system subtleties. It will be significantly simpler when Android 11 is conclusive and QR code examining is executed.

Beforehand, you expected to associate with a link to approve an encryption key, get the IP of your Android gadget in the wake of unplugging it, ensure ADB is in your PC’s order PATH, at that point type the orders to empower a TCP port by means of ADB. At long last, you could interface your PC to your telephone with an uncommon ADB order that incorporated the port you sent in the past advance.

In all actuality, after you worked your way through it once, it wasn’t troublesome, yet contrast it with tapping a switch or examining a QR code and you’ll see why the individuals who needed or required remote investigating are so glad.

Taken all alone, neither of these highlights or their new UI is that enormous of an arrangement. In any case, it shows that Google is done “overlooking” about existing highlights that might be less impressive than patching up the notice conceal for the umpteenth time. This is the degree of clean we need to see adjacent to the expansion of new stuff. this is the means by which Android shows signs of improvement.

Furthermore, this is really damn great.

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