Apple is launching a new open source project for developers of password managers.

Password management. Weak and strong password.

The principle is to ensure that they collaborate on common resources, in order to facilitate the creation and management of passwords by users.

This project, available on GitHub, has three assets according to Apple: the improvement of password managers, it being understood that there are more people who are stronger; push websites to use standards to improve compatibility with password software; and ultimately increase user confidence in these managers.

To be more concrete, this project consists in taking into account the specific requirements of websites to generate strong and unique passwords.

Whenever a password app generates one that is not compatible with a website, it creates frustration for the user who then has the temptation to put a password he knows, and who has already served elsewhere, which is a source of danger.

The project aims to compile the rules in order to avoid this kind of situation. The resulting database can be used by password applications.

Among the resources offered by Apple, there are several addresses of websites that share the same login system, links to web pages where users can change their passwords, and so on.

Apple said it open-sourced Password Manager Resources today because it wants password managers to employ these rules, but also contribute back to the project with their own insight into this issue, for the total benefit of user safety.

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