Astronaut Snoopy orbits the moon on new Omega Speedmaster

Astronaut Snoopy orbits

Astronaut Snoopy orbits the moon

October 5, 2020 — Snoopy is delighted with another watch praising a Swiss watchmaker’s function in sparing NASA’s Apollo 13 mission 50 years back.

Omega dispatched its new Speedmaster “Silver Snoopy Honor” 50th Commemoration chronograph on Monday (Oct. 5), 50 years to the day after NASA respected the organization with the funny cartoon beagle-enhanced lapel pin from which the wristwatch infers its name. Gave by the space travelers for commitments to flight wellbeing, the Silver Snoopy was granted to Omega after a Speedmaster was utilized on the issue tormented Apollo 13 rocket to time a basic motor consume, guaranteeing that the space travelers had the option to re-visitation of Earth.


“At the point when the rocket timekeepers halted, that is the point at which we required the Speedmaster,” Jim Lovell, Apollo 13 officer, said in a meeting delivered by Omega. “Without our typical route hardware, we needed to see the Earth and use it as a rule. At that point we needed to consume the motor for 14 seconds and turn it off, so we utilized the watch that [Apollo 13 order module pilot] Jack Swigert wore.”

“It was Omega that got them back, and for that it was concluded that they ought to get a Silver Snoopy Honor,” included space explorer Thomas Stafford, who introduced the lapel pin to the organization on Oct. 5, 1970. “I expressed gratitude toward … Omega looks for the brilliant assistance they’d given us all through the space program, yet especially on Apollo 13, in light of the fact that the Speedmaster was so basic in helping us get securely back to the Earth.”

Astronaut Snoopy orbits

The 50th commemoration “Silver Snoopy Honor” Speedmaster highlights artist Charles Schulz’s beagle as his space traveler adjust inner self. On the watch face, Snoopy shows up as a decorated silver emblem on the subdial at 9 o’clock. He is portrayed wearing his “reality popular” spacesuit, pausing dramatically as on the silver pin that NASA’s space travelers provide for grant beneficiaries.

On the caseback is the place Space traveler Snoopy lifts off.

“On this exceptional Speedmaster, we have made something we’ve never done,” Raynald Aeschlimann, Omega’s leader and President, said in a video articulation. “I trust you feel it is as exceptional as we do.”

At the point when the chronograph’s seconds hand is being used, an enlivened Snoopy, riding on board an Apollo order and administration module, goes on an outing around the most distant side of the moon. The lunar surface is delivered utilizing a miniature organized metallization on a sapphire precious stone.

Behind the moon, an Earth circle pivots once every moment, in a state of harmony with the Speedmaster’s little seconds hand. “Eyes on the Stars” is recorded over the planet, getting the statement from a unique NASA Snoopy decal plan.

The caseback is likewise engraved “Silver Snoopy Honor Oct. 5, 1970” and “Apollo XIII April 1970.”

The included nylon texture tie coordinates the other blue components of the watch and highlights the direction of the Apollo 13 mission decorated on its covering. This tie connects to a hardened steel case, roused by the model Speedmaster worn on the moon in 1969.

The “Silver Snoopy Honor” 50th Commemoration is the third Speedmaster model to recognize the NASA honor. Omega recently gave Silver Snoopy watches (of various plans) in 2003 and 2015.

The Omega Speedmaster “Silver Snoopy Honor” 50th Commemoration chronograph will be accessible for $9,600 when deals start in the organization’s boutiques not long from now. It comes bundled in an Apollo 13 introduction box beat by a weaved Snoopy fix and incorporates a microfiber fabric with a similar plan.

Astronaut Snoopy orbits

“As should be obvious we are consistently searching for approaches to develop, to recount to our story and to praise our space saints of the past and the future,” said Aeschlimann.

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