Battlegrounds Mobile India data transfer restrictions: Facebook, Twitter, and Google Play login methods revealed

Battlegrounds Mobile India data transfer restrictions

Indian PUBG Mobile players were generally under the feeling that they couldn’t move their information to Battlegrounds Mobile India. Nonetheless, numerous well-known PUBG Mobile gamers gave them to trust that they could, which ended up being genuine when clients acquired Early Access to the title.

Moving information to Battlegrounds Mobile India is simple, and there are sure limitations that players should stick to. This article will uncover more about this interaction.

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Data migration to Battlegrounds Mobile India

Players may follow these means to move their information effectively to Battlegrounds Mobile India:

1) They should initially sign in through any of the three choices given beneath:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Google Play Games

2) Gamers will then, at that point need to make their in-game character.

3) They will then, at that point need to affirm whether they dwell in India.

4) A discourse box named “Record Data Transfer” will show up, where clients should give their assent.

5) They need to reconfirm by clicking “Yes.”

6) Gamers can choose between Facebook or Twitter and pick the stage connected to their PUBG Mobile ID.

7) After choosing, they will again need to click “Yes” to move their information effectively.

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Transfer restrictions

Players should take note of the accompanying limitations that they should cling to:

  • Endless supply of the information move, they won’t recover it once more.
  • December 31st, 2021, is the last date of information movement to Battlegrounds Mobile India.
  • Along with other information, in-game mail and connections may not be moved to the new fight royale title.

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