BMW X5 design – an output of 2 hour effort in an airplane.

Recently Frank Stephenson shared his latest video of designing BMW X5. Frank Stephenson, an automobile designer, is widely known for his design work at Mini, Ferrari, Maserati, Fiat and many more. The video explains it’s journey of coming up with the design of BMW X5 series in just 2 hours.

History of BMW X5 goes way back in 1994 when BMW had acquired Land rover brand. While main goal of BMW was to target the SUV market, Land rover was a knockout in the SUV market then. BMW benefited from Land rover technology and was out with its first own SUV – BMW X5.

Full sized model preparation was the instruction given to Chris Bangle, Head of design “There’s couple of hours in plane and I can come up with a design”.  Frank Stephenson says that it’s very difficult to prepare a full sized model of a car in just 6 weeks. The 3 member team who were to design the model were actually above 70 years old. Mr. Stephenson had it’s own doubts on whether it was even possible for them to work for 18 hours a day for 7 days a week. All of the members were involved in developing the Lambhorgini Miura which was a plus point for the team.

BMW X5 has its roots from scratch and with some amount of elegance, Frank says. He tags BMW X5 as ‘stepping stone or the first building block of BMW’s commitment to start building off SUVs or SAVs”. It has the freshness and the newness along with it’s peculiarity to ‘hold the values of the company’. Frank said that is important to realize the market or the brand it belongs too while designing a car.

He explains that sketching is an important phase of design. “You’re developing as your sketching it. That’s what the sketching phase is all about. It’s a path of discovery, and you’re searching for a solution. So set on for one you really like as soon as you can and refine that idea.”

In 2009, it celebrated it’s success of 10 years with a whopping sale of over 8,45,000 units. After the first X5 model, BMW came up with second generation in 2006 and X5 performance variant in 2009. Since then, there has been many generations of X5 with various technological advancements. However, the astonishing output of 2 hour work in an airplane leaves all of us in awe!

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