Cyclone Tauktae: Know how the first cyclonic storm of 2021 gets its name, its meaning, and more

Typhoon Tauktae has strengthened into a “extreme cyclonic tempest” on May 16 and is moving toward the Gujarat coast, said the India Meteorological Department (IMD). Cyclone Tauktae : Know how first cyclonic storm of 2021 gets its name.

Cyclone Tauktae :

Cyclone Tauktae

“Extreme cyclonic tempest ‘Tauktae’ has heightened further in most recent three hours. The eye of the twister is currently obviously seen in the INSAT-3D satellite symbolism at 1130 IST. The breadth of eye is around 4 km with eye temperature – 5.2°C. The divider cloud top temperature is – 93°C,” the IMD said on Twitter.

The typhoon, first in 2021, is probably going to cross Gujarat coast among Porbandar and Mahuva (Bhavnagar locale) around May 18 early morning, the climate division said. Tsunamis are probably going to immerse a few seaside locale during the landfall, it said.

As per the Cyclone Warning Division of the IMD, by May 18, the breeze speed is relied upon to increment to 150-160 kilometers each hour, blasting up to 175 kmph.

How twister Taukte got its name?

The typhoon has been given the name ‘Tauktae’ (articulated Tau’te) by Myanmar. It signifies ‘gecko’, a profoundly vocal reptile, in the Burmese language.


How are twisters named?

The naming of twisters is finished by World Meteorological Organization/United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific (WMO/ESCAP) Panel on Tropical Cyclones (PTC), as indicated by a NDTV report.

Thirteen nations on the board, including India, Bangladesh, Myanmar, Pakistan, the Maldives, Oman, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Iran, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates and Yemen, name typhoons around there.

In 2020, another rundown of names was delivered that had 169 names of typhoons, having 13 recommended names each from 13 nations.

In the interim, the Karnataka Chief Minister BS Yediyurappa has asked region in-control Ministers and Deputy Commissioners to visit influenced territories and complete salvage and help functions as Cyclone Tauktae unleashing ruin in the seaside locale of the state on the day.

Then, breezy breezes and weighty downpours lashed a few pieces of Goa on the day because of the cyclonic tempest, evacuating electric shafts and influencing power supply in numerous pieces of the beach front state, authorities said.

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