Divinity: Original Sin 2 Gets New Quests, New Items and a New Boss

Original Sin 2 Gets New Quests, New Items and a New Boss

Godlikeness: Original Sin 2 has quite recently gotten another, unconditional Present Bag DLC, The Four Relics of Rivellon, that includes new missions, another chief and some mystical covering.

Declared during the present Guerrilla Collective exhibit The Four Relics of Rivellon will see you go on the chase for four supernatural arrangements of defensive layer, looking down new foes (counting a fresh out of the plastic new Undead Dragon chief), adding new legend to the effectively pressed universe of Divinity.

Per a Steam update, the four arrangements of reinforcement will be:

Commander Armor – A lot of defensive layer that can rule the psyches of everyone around you. Each piece additionally supports Lucky Charm, Persuasion and Bartering.

Vulture Armor – A light arrangement of protection dependent on dwarven customs. Each piece of the set improves range and harm managed from higher ground, while the total set gives the wearer a couple of perpetual, vulture-like wings.

Tainting Armor – An old arrangement of covering made from enchantment thought lost some time in the past. Each piece offers protection from poison, while the whole set awards invulnerability to harm alongside a unique capacity to bring forth detonating spores that will harm foes in battle.

Devourer Armor – A lot of protection said to make its wearer practically powerful. In battle, the shield will check a specific objective in run. Any assaults on this objective can’t miss and will bargain additional harm.

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