Epic Games Store Makes Two New Games Free for Limited Time

Epic Games Store has new free games to give out. Like each Thursday, Epic Games Store has invigorated its free games offering, and this week it has not one, yet two complimentary gifts to give out. The first of these games is Pathway, a system experience game with turn-put together crew battle that appeared with respect to the scene a year ago to some degree average approval. The game as of now sits at a 68 on Metacritic and has been surveyed decidedly by 74 percent of Steam clients across about 1,300 audits.

The other free game this week is The Escapists 2, which is effectively the more famous of the two games, and in this manner the more critical of the two. Nonetheless, it’s somewhat more seasoned, appearing in 2017 to a 75 on Metacritic. In the mean time, 87 percent of Steam clients across about 10,000 surveys have checked on the system reenactment game emphatically.

All things considered, as indicated by the official Epic Games Store Twitter account, the free arrival of The Escapists 2 has been deferred because of an undisclosed issue. Right now of distributing, there’s no expression of when the game will be made free, however Epic Games is taking a shot at an answer, which should come in the near future.

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