Escape From Tarkov’s New Map Revealed, 12.7 Patch Will Revamp The Skill System

Escape From Tarkov's New Map Revealed

Departure From Tarkov had a huge amount of new substance point by point during the PC Gaming Show, and players of the military sim shooter can anticipate the following guide, the redid aptitude framework, and another chief. These highlights are a piece of Tarkov’s up and coming 12.7 fix, which was supposed to be all the more a specialized update.

The major uncover was the new guide and it seems to be an exceptionally nitty gritty overview city loaded with structures to investigate, and Battlestate’s head of PR Nikita Buyanov said that this will be the “greatest and most point by point area” for Tarkov. Sound structure will be significant as the trailer exhibited the diverse sound prompts of strolling on various surfaces. You can see the review of the guide in the video beneath.

Buyanov likewise expressed the Customs map size will increment by 30 to 40 percent. Albeit 12.7 will upgrade the aptitude framework and incorporate the new Senator chief, we didn’t get further subtleties on those highlights. For additional on the game, make certain to look at our Escape From Tarkov inclusion.

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