Final Fantasy 7 Remake Materia Guide: Essential Materia You Might’ve Missed

Last Fantasy 7 Remake is a monstrous game with a for the most part clear structure. All through its 40 or more hour recess, you’ll go from prison to cell, finishing some side-missions en route, while pushing the story forward and once in a while thinking back. In the event that you permit yourself to be cleared up in the energy of your main goal to free Midgar, it very well may be not entirely obvious significant collectibles coincidentally. Probably the most significant is Materia, which are shaded circles you can prepare to characters to amplify their base assault aptitudes by giving them spells, capacities, and request.

You’re not going to need to sidestep all the valuable Materia you can gather all through your excursion. Underneath, we’ve itemized the simplest ones to miss, which remembers data for what they do and how to discover them. With this guide, you’ll have the option to discover Materia like Revival, Elemental, HP Up, Magnify, and the sky is the limit from there.

Make certain to return regularly as we update this component with much progressively basic Materia you might’ve missed. For increasingly about Materia, you should likewise peruse our Materia loadout direct about how to construct the best possible set for your gathering. Something else, read our FF7 Remake survey.


The HP Up Materia is one of the least demanding you can miss at an opportune time. As you’re investigating the lanes of Midgar Sector 1 during Chapter 2, you’ll happen upon warriors guarding a checkpoint with a white van on the opposite side, and close to it is a purple sphere of HP Up Materia. Sadly, you can’t snatch it, so continue moving until you hit a cutscene, trailed by an assault by Shinra Security Officers. Prior to going further, head back east towards the checkpoint, and afterward get the Materia.

Destructive Dodge

From a strategic point of view, the Deadly Dodge battle Materia is fundamental for early battles as Cloud. It permits you to avoid towards foes with a region harm assault, which is amazing for opening up most fights.

You can buy a Deadly Dodge Materia from the thing shop later in Chapter 3, however you can get one for nothing during Chapter 2. Keep traveling south from where you got the HP Up Materia we referenced previously. Not long before the wellspring square, you’ll ward off three additional troopers. When they’re managed, check next to the vehicle for a Deadly Dodge Materia.


Auto-Cure is a superb shield for keeping a gathering part mended during an intense experience. At its base level, it’s equipped for mending debilitated gathering individuals up to multiple times per fight. Notwithstanding, it won’t actuate on the off chance that you don’t have insufficient MP or ATB Charges to go around or in case you’re controlling the character needing crisis restoring.

To get the Auto-Cure Materia, match up with Chadley, the unusual child in the Sector 7 Slums, who needs your assistance growing new Materia. He’ll give you the Assess Materia when you take on the journey; use it on any adversaries you battle in Scrap Boulevard to get the information you need. Afterward, he’ll give you Battle Intel assignments with an assortment of destinations to open extra Materia- – some of which we feature later right now that you’ll for the most part need to organize finishing as an afterthought to acquire access to fluctuating Materia types. For this report, return when you’ve dissected two distinct sorts of foes to purchase the recently created Auto-Cure Materia at a limited rate.

First Strike

Finishing Chadley’s third Battle Intel Report nets you a First Strike Materia. It’s not very difficult to miss, however it merits referencing just on the off chance that you don’t check in with Chadley regularly. First Strike is very helpful for boosting the measure of ATB you normally gain toward the beginning of a fight. You’ll need to consider preparing it onto Tifa in the event that you’ve made her your gathering chief, as her Unbridled Strength capacity is acceptable to fire developing as quickly as time permits during a fight. In the wake of buying an Iron Sword for Cloud during Chapter 3, you ought to experience no difficulty procuring First Strike from Chadley, as finishing the related Battle Intel Report essentially necessitates that you utilize various capacities on foes while they’re amazed.

Purging Materia

Purging Materia is essential. With this convenient sphere of Materia, you can mend the toxic substance status impact with MP- – taking out the need to utilize cures. In the wake of gaining enough AP from utilizing it various occasions, you can utilize Esuna, which mends all status conditions.

To get yourself a Cleansing Materia, you have to finish the Rat Problem side crucial Chapter 3. To do as such, converse with the Item Store proprietor once the game reveals to you you’re allowed to handle discretionary missions. At that point take the way going north that is on the west side of Seventh Heaven. Duck through the funnel to enter an empty parcel brimming with rodents. Take them out and open the chest on the east side of the zone for three projectiles.

Come back to the part and battle the Doom Rats. They’re really snappy, so take a stab at utilizing Punisher mode’s counter assault to trim down their wellbeing, and utilize enchantment to hit them a ways off. On the off chance that you can do some supported harm, you’ll Stagger rodents, which permits you to take them out. At the point when you come back to the Item Shop proprietor, you can purchase a Cleansing Materia at a limited cost.


Phoenix Downs are costly, and keeping in mind that you can discover them in the intermittent chest, your inventory of them is generally constrained. So why not have a Materia close by that will help bring your companions resurrected with MP? Restoration is an absolute necessity have that you can get moderately right off the bat, yet wind up missing in case you’re not focusing.

Subsequent to beating the manager in Chapter 4, follow the target back to the Sector 7 Plate Edge. Not long before the principal right turn, snatch the Revival Materia lying on the ground to one side not long before the walkway.

Chocobo And Moogle Summon Materia

Subsequent to getting your first Summon Materia toward the beginning of Chapter 4, you’re likely going to champ at the bit for the following one. The following Summon Materia is accessible during Chapter 6 and is called attention to you by Tifa as you’re gradually passing by some mechanical ventilation fans. Shockingly, you can’t get to it until after you shut down two out of the three sunlamps in the territory.

When that deed is done, come back to the H-01 area to utilize the gondola that will take you back toward the ventilation framework. On the far side, take the stepping stool up to an assistance room where you actuate a support that orders you to do some tidying up upkeep in the following room inside a moment. Kill all the foes and press the catch on the support toward the finish of the room so as to finish the activity. Try not to stress on the off chance that you neglect to kill everything inside as far as possible, however. You can turn around out of the room and hit the reassure again to begin another, simpler battle with some more fragile adversaries.

When you actuate the other comfort, you can head into the fan hall and tangle the Chocobo and Moogle Summon Materia. It’s a helpful one to have prepared when facing foes powerless to the Wind component.


In case you’re in the market for another MP Up Matera, however would prefer not surrender the 2,000 Gil expected to buy another one, at that point you can catch yourself a complimentary gift during Chapter 6. The beneficial outcomes of this Materia are clear, and you’re likely going to need a couple for an uncommon someone who’ll definitely wind up joining your gathering later on.

Profit for the second gondola to the region you entered when you moved down the stepping stool from Sunlamp 2. Circumvent the load holders to discover a stepping stool down, prompting another stage where you’ll battle two Queen Grashtrikes. Dispatch them, at that point utilize the control board to bring down the walkway ahead. Try not to adjust it to the entryway so you can cross; rather, continue bringing down it until the MP Up Materia sitting on the casing is low enough for you to snatch.

Natural Materia

The Elemental Materia is a helpful method to saturate a gathering part’s scuffle assaults with essential force when appended to a weapon or increment their otherworldly protection against a specific component when connected to reinforcement. To clarify, weapons and reinforcement include attachments that you place Materia into, and there are two variations of attachments: single, secluded ones and joint ones. The joint attachments are what you can use to initiate Elemental on weapons and covering. We enthusiastically prescribe you give this one to Cloud, however attempt to be careful when you face a foe whose basic fondness coordinates the present component of whoever is utilizing this Materia.

To get yourself an Elemental Materia, follow the headings we definite above about how to get MP Up during Chapter 6. In the wake of controlling the walkway to get the MP Up Materia, set up it back so you can cross it. Head to the most distant finish of the following stage to snatch the Elemental Materia.


Restricting Materia is an unquestionable requirement for party individuals you’re speccing to turn out to be ground-breaking mages. It permits you to cast status infirmity spells like Sleep, Silence, and Berserk. It’s conceivable to buy one at the Wall Market Materia shop during Chapter 9, however that is 3,000 Gil, and who needs to consume that much well deserved money on something you can get for nothing?

A Binding Materia is available to all prior on during Chapter 9 when you have to go through a mechanical hand to pick some freight holders. Directly in the wake of battling three Terpsicolts, search for an incline heading down on the east side of the zone where you’ll locate a split way. Head up the way with the slant to discover controls for the large robot hand. Go through the hand to pick the freight holder and move it to one side, so it makes a way with the wood walkway close by, which has the Binding Materia on it. When Aerith heads down, get her, and spot her on the payload holder. She’ll at that point run over and snatch the Binding Materia for you.


The Magnify Materia works a lot of like Elemental in that it’s one you connect into joint spaces. At the point when you interface a spell Materia to Magnify, you can cast that separate spell onto various targets. In this way, on the off chance that you have Magnify joined to the Healing Materia, it will fix numerous characters rather than only one. It additionally works a similar path for off

You can discover a Magnify Materia not long after you get Binding during Chapter 9. After you’ve originally gone up against a fella named Beck and his goonies, continue until you arrive at another segment with a robot hand you can work to move a few holders around. You can snatch the Magnify Materia by moving the primary holder up and to one side to make a way to it, at that point dropping Aerith off on tor for her to secure it in your stead.

All The Summon Materia From Chadley’s Intel Reports

In case you’re gunning your way through FF7’s story, you’re ensured to miss most of the game’s Summon Materia. In such a case that you’re not conversing with Chadley, at that point you’re going to keep yourself out of getting these ground-breaking fight partners – for some time, at any rate.

To begin the way toward getting more Summon Materia, converse with Chadley again as right on time as Chapter 8 to get to your first VR Mission, which is a special test where you battle a gather animal to acquire its individual Materia

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