Gamers are jettisoning Radeon graphics cards over driver issues

Gamers || As I arranged and was starting to run our next large designs card benchmark test, I believed I needed to change gears to examine AMD’s driver misfortunes after an ongoing survey we ran on the network. We’ve just connected with AMD for an announcement and they have reacted and we’ll cover that towards the finish of this article.

Now its an obvious fact AMD is battling to resolve some driver related issues with their Radeon RX 5000 GPUs. Regularly we like to give both AMD and Nvidia a couple of months to resolve bugs while discharging another GPU arrangement, particularly when they’re founded on another or generally new engineering, similar to the case with Turing and Navi.

Nvidia experienced a decent amount of getting teeth issues with Turing, yet we believe most would agree they went over any significant issues rapidly. AMD, then again, has had seven months to sift through Navi, and by its vibes, they simply haven’t had the option to convey. We’ve gotten incalculable reports of smashing, glinting issues, and obviously, the dark screen bug.

I should introduce this by saying we haven’t run into any significant issues after incalculable long stretches of testing new Radeon GPUs in our labs. Around 4-5 months back I ran into the dark screen bug once. We’re not in any case sure if it’s the equivalent “dark screen bug” individuals are grumbling about, or if the two are even related. My issue was seen when refreshing the showcase driver, after a reset the Windows work area wasn’t seen once more, I was rather given a clear screen each time Windows stacked.

The fix was to hard reboot until it provoked me to stack Windows into protected mode. At that point I utilized the Display Driver Uninstaller device (DDU) to expel the terrible driver introduce. I had the option to stack once more into Windows 10 typically, clean introduced the driver, and after that I never observed the issue again.



The main other issue we’ve experienced sooner or later is the green or pink screen bug in the wake of putting in new drivers, however I haven’t seen that one for at any rate the last barely any driver refreshes. Not as large of a nuissance, a reboot fixed that unfailingly.

It’s significant that Tim hasn’t utilized a 5700 arrangement illustrations card as a day by day driver, so his experience is increasingly constrained to testing on a spotless framework. Despite the fact that he’s been running broad game tests crossing a few hours that spread practically every quality setting in games, and not a solitary hiccup in such testing.

With respect to me, I’ve been utilizing the Radeon 5700 XT in my principle rig for around 4 months now and in that time I’ve just had a solitary framework lockup which constrained a hard reboot and I don’t have the foggiest idea whether it was identified with the designs card. For the initial hardly any months I coupled the Radeon with a Core i9-9900K, and afterward as of late moved to Threadripper with the 3960X and a new introduce of Windows 10, no issues up ’til now.


Since we purchased about six 5700 XT cards for testing, we’ve additionally fitted out my family’s gaming frameworks with 5700 XTs, and following a couple of long periods of activity, neither have endured any glaring issues. With that sort of experience, we’re somewhat perplexed regarding why such a significant number of individuals are having issues, obviously, with about boundless mix of frameworks and programming arrangements, extremely numerous individuals are detailing issues and many are disclosing to us comparable stories, so there’s plainly an issue at play, or arrangement of issues.

In the mean time, in the most recent 20.2.1 discharge notes they despite everything recognize the arbitrary dark screen issue with the handicapped equipment speeding up workaround. They likewise state: “A dark screen may happen when playing out a mode change with a predetermined number of showcases on Radeon RX 5700 arrangement illustrations items.”

As it were, a while after dispatch, AMD is as yet dealing with fixing the dark screen bug. As we comprehend, if the circumstance has improved a ton, it despite everything continues for certain clients. Given we haven’t run into any significant bug ourselves, we chose to run a survey on HUB’s YouTube people group channel to attempt to turn out what number of AMD clients are influenced and get some input on the issues they’re experiencing.


Almost 50% of all AMD clients who participated in the survey reacted ‘Yes’, they are having or have had major issues with their Radeon GPU. The survey recommends that 48% of all AMD clients have endured significant issues, while we see not exactly a large portion of that figure for Nvidia clients at 22%.

The survey was led as a general inquiry and we didn’t target Navi explicitly, yet dependent on the remarks that went underneath the survey, most AMD clients professed to be running a 5700 arrangement designs card.

Normally, there will be some dodgy votes in there, yet we don’t accept a couple fanboys will slant the information too intensely in the wake of social event more than 49,000 votes. That is a huge enough example size to take as proof that AMD has a significant issue they have to address.

Since we haven’t encountered these issues ourselves, we’ve been not able to investigate them all alone. One instructed surmise is this stems from an equipment similarity issue which is increasingly more likely dependent on the information and criticism we got from our ongoing survey. Another chance is that a great deal of these issues could be brought about by terrible driver introduces.

Throughout the years we’ve run into various issues with AMD, and at times Nvidia drivers, after updates. The arrangement is consistently to reboot into experimental mode, expel all showcase drivers, at that point load once again into Windows and introduce the driver bundle without any preparation. AMD’s drivers show up particularly touchy and this has been the situation for whatever length of time that I can recall.

With respect to the hypothesis in regards to equipment similarity, don’t be amazed if AMD doesn’t be able to test the level of equipment they have to before discharge, making a decent bit of the populace beta analyzers. It is anything but an unsuitable methodology, accepting they can squash bugs as they crop up in an auspicious way, however sadly this isn’t something they’ve overseen appropriately and has lead to Radeon clients having a horrible encounter. This circumstance will bring about a passing winding for the Radeon Technologies Group in the event that they can’t understand the issue. With the end goal for them to recognize bugs they need a huge client base submitting crash reports. Yet, on the off chance that they neglect to address issues in an opportune way as they are accounted for, clients will look for options and I can’t reveal to you what number of individuals have disclosed to me they sold their 5700 XT and supplanted it with a GeForce illustrations card.

Drivers have consistently been a daunting struggle for AMD, yet on occasion they’ve figured out how to jump in control and take advantage of their GPUs. fourth gen GCN is a genuine model, despite the fact that it took them around a year prior to they crushed all the conceivable exhibition out of the equipment, security never appeared to be an issue… on the fourth emphasis of that design.

Throughout the years we’ve heard incalculable anecdotes about how AMD has been harassed by mean old Nvidia, and keeping in mind that a portion of the narratives are valid, I can’t resist the urge to feel AMD’s been kicking AMD the hardest. Back in past times worth remembering when AMD had predominant illustrations tech it was let somewhere near drivers. Famous titles, for example, League of Legends were notable to play ineffectively with Radeon GPUs, experiencing faltering and lackluster showing comparative with the Nvidia rivalry.


Returning to the forthcoming GeForce RTX 2060 versus Radeon 5600 XT fight (article approaching!), with these two items so close as far as cost and execution, we’re going to discover it extremely difficult to prescribe the Radeon GPU.

For AMD to charge equivalent costs, they bring to the table a comparable or predominant experience than Nvidia, and right presently they’re coming up short at that. It appears to be a large number of you concur as we jump into our Amazon deals information. Fundamentally at whatever point contending AMD and Nvidia items come in at a comparable expense for every edge, perusers consistently appear to support Nvidia. We saw this with the RX 5700 and RTX 2060 when both were evaluated at $350. Most dire outcome imaginable, having somebody purchase a RX 5700 arrangement illustrations card just to get tired of issues months after the fact and sell or return it for a GeForce item is destroying for the organization and the client. Presumably, it’ll be exceptionally difficult for that client to purchase a Radeon on the following redesign cycle.

As opposed to propelling more Navi-based GPUs, AMD ought to have made a stride back and tended to the issues with the RX 5700 arrangement before promoting out more items that depend on a similar surrey drivers. Long haul, it appears to be very evident that hurrying out these items before fixing significant bugs will accomplish more mischief than anything. It likewise must place an immense measure of weight on board accomplices who need to manage pointless RMA demands.

Perusing however your input on the survey (1,700 remarks and tallying), the primary issue seems, by all accounts, to be the “dark screen bug.” This issue sees the showcase haphazardly turn dark, as though the screen had killed, and its absolutely impossible to recoup the framework without a hard reboot. Those detailing this bug say it occurs aimlessly: when gaming, when not gaming, and in any event, when the framework is sitting inactive.

There are likewise various clients revealing workarounds to understand the dark screen, a mix of the accompanying: Disabling equipment increasing speed as recommended by AMD, altering the TdrDelay in the library, impairing PCIe connect state power the board, and in any event, introducing the Intel iGPU driver on the off chance that they’re utilizing an Intel CPU with an iGPU. Having said that, aside from executing a perfect driver introduce utilizing DDU in experimental mode, we haven’t needed to do any of the above to utilize, test and effectively benchmark RX 5700 GPUs appropriately. That is utilizing various illustrations cards and in totally unique equipment.

The explanation we haven’t been all over AMD about this issue up to this point is, as I’ve said more than once, we haven’t run into any issues ourselves. It wasn’t until the survey that we showed signs of improvement feeling of exactly how far reaching these issues are.

We’ve likewise spoken with a couple of retailers to check whether they’re seeing issues with 5700 XT sheets and we’ve gotten some fascinating reports. Essentially the arrival rate for 5700 XT’s is more than 5x that of contending Nvidia items and when they recover these frameworks with different announced issues, they’re not able to recreate them because of their arbitrary nature.

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