Ghost Of Tsushima Hidden Altar Locations Guide

Ghost Of Tsushima Hidden Altar Locations Guide

The universe of Ghost of Tsushima is one in which you’ll regularly show respect for nature. Advancing toward Inari and Shinto hallowed places dissipated over the island is an approach to open new Charms that can make you progressively viable in the game, while additionally regularly getting you natural riddles and wonderful vistas that can give an energy about Ghost of Tsushima’s rich world. Notwithstanding the checked hallowed places all through Tsushima, you can likewise discover shrouded raised areas that trigger visual twists. Discover enough of them, and you can open a shrouded trophy.

To get the Honor the Unseen shrouded Trophy, you have to discover and bow to 10 concealed special raised areas all through the island. You’ll see them in different, regularly unassuming spots, generally set apart by wooden signs that show the outline of somebody bowing. Watch for the signs as you climb Shinto Shrines, total missions, and free stations. While there are in excess of 10 special stepped areas, here’s a rundown of where you can discover 10 to open the Trophy.

We have a mess more inclusion to assist you with warding off the Mongols. Look at our Ghost of Tsushima manage roundup for our full walkthrough, collectibles guides, natural aquifers areas, side missions once-over, battle tips, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg.


Brilliant Temple – Buddha Statue

You’ll go to Golden Temple in Ariake as a major aspect of the primary story in Act 1. While you’re there, head up the steps on the west side of the town to locate an enormous Buddha sculpture. It’s not set apart with a sign, yet the sculpture considers a concealed raised area.

Kechi Fishing Village – River Dock

Kechi is an involved farmstead you’ll discover west of Hiyoshi Springs on the stream. The concealed special stepped area is on the dock over the waterway, yet initiating it is much simpler after you’ve freed the town from the Mongols.

Tadayori’s Rest

As you head down to Azamo Bay as a component of the Act 1 story, you’ll likewise open the Mythic Tale The Legend of Tadayori. Complete the mission (utilize our Mythic Tale manage for help) to discover Tadayori’s Rest, a grave set apart by purple blossoms in Houren’s Pasture. In the focal point of the region is a holy place that considers a shrouded special stepped area.

Yoichi’s Crossroads – Cemetery

This is another Mongol station, found southwest of Hiyoshi Springs area in the Hiyoshi district. The Mongol camp is directly close to a little burial ground. Climb the means to the most noteworthy purpose of the burial ground, where you’ll discover a gathering of sculptures set apart as a concealed raised area.

Explorer’s Rest Inn – River Dock

Another station west of Hiyoshi Springs, Traveler’s Rest Inn is only south of Kechi Fishing Village. It likewise has a shrouded raised area spot on the stream.

Kaneda Inlet – Pillar of Honor

This Pillar of Honor is at the exceptionally north of Izuhara, in the Hiyoshi district, only west of Castle Kaneda. Head to the coast in Kaneda Inlet to discover a Pillar of Honor there. It additionally bears a sign stamping it as a concealed special raised area.


Old Kanazawa Marsh – Pillar Of Honor

You’ll discover a Pillar of Honor among Umugi and Akashima in Toyotama. Head southwest of the Old Kanazawa Marsh area on the guide to discover the Pillar in a field, with the shrouded special stepped area sign remaining next to it.

Cloud Ridge Shrine

There’s a Shinto Shrine on the shore of Kushi, north of Yarikawa Stronghold. Where you’ll discover not one, yet two shrouded special stepped areas directly close to one another. Discover the holy place and begin moving up until you crush between two shakes and run over a sculpture delineating a frog. Bow to that one, at that point turn right and on out, you’ll discover another frog sculpture that is additionally a special raised area.

Omi Monastery

Head to Otsuna to discover Omi Monastery south of Omi Village. It’s a major spot, yet up the slope from the religious community is a little burial ground. Bow to the huge grave there to commence a melodic intermission.

Omi Village – Lord Sakai’s Grave

You’ll dare to Omi Village as a major aspect of the Act 2 story, Ghosts of the Past. Only north of Omi Village is the Sakai burial ground, where you’ll locate the grave of Jin’s dad. You’ll make a haiku at the grave, however it likewise works as a plain shrouded special stepped area.

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