Hoax Busted: Who Is Selene Delgado Lopez? Facebook Friend Who You Cannot Unfriend

Like 1,000,000 other electronic media tricks, another is flowing around the web. A customer named Selene Delgado Lopez has somehow made it to everyone’s friend list. You don’t have any associate with her anyway you can’t unfriend that individual by the same token. By then, how did the mysterious individual make it to your partner once-over and who is this untouchable?

All that is revealed for now is that the bewildering woman is from South America. The clarification is that the falsehood started spreading in Latin America and most of the posts about her are in Spanish. In case you are up ’til now contemplating how has she sorted out some way to join your trusted in companion organization, she hasn’t.

What Is the Object About?

Facebook has a 5,000 cutoff in the friend list and past that, you ca exclude any. If she has truly sorted out some way to transform into everyone’s friend, it should be a glitch, right? Not really. She is truly not on your partner list and that is the explanation you ca exclude or dispense with her.


The inspiration driving why Lopez has all the reserves of being in your friend list is that when you search the name on Facebook, it gives her profile with no ‘incorporate partner’ decision. Or maybe, it goes with a ‘send message’ button that generally doesn’t appear for people who are not on your summary. That was adequate for some netizens to be convinced that she sorted out some way to enter the friend list without notice.


The reality of the situation is that you can adjust your Facebook assurance settings and take out the ‘incorporate friend’ button. This security setting will allow you to establish a connection with the individual and if he/she recognizes your requesting, by then that individual can send you a partner interest.

Who Is Selene Delgado Lopez?

Nevertheless, first, we should acknowledge who is Selene Delgado Lopez. The name is fundamental in Spanish. People of that name can be found in Spain and Spanish talking networks in South America. Regardless, there was actually a person of that identical name in Mexico and she disappeared 30 years back during the 1990s. She was represented as a missing individual on Mexican TV openings like Channel 5.

Regardless, with no information about her missing person’s case and open records of her existence, Selene transformed into a metropolitan legend in Mexico with many tolerating that she was a PC made face. In any case, her name starting late appeared to be sure in a Trench 5 advancing exertion video.

The channel which is based on youths’ program, grabbed attention in the no so distant past (2020) for posting a movement of odd and disturbing accounts on Twitter every day at 3 AM and disposing of them two or three hours afterward. In one of those accounts, Selene’s name was furthermore referred to.

While the producer of the profile is dark and the picture used in the profile is also not that of missing Selene, the minds of the trick may have been moved by Channel 5’s accounts. Up until this point, the person in the photograph has moreover been unidentified.

It’s figuratively speaking, similar to the Momo challenge trick. Regardless, with Facebook’s puzzling assurance setting, it has sorted out some way to make a trick and get people’s attention with people sharing her profile picture by more than various occasions as of recently.

Would it be fitting for you to Mind?

The direct reaction to the request isn’t for the most part. Regardless, it has been found in the past that viral posts have been changed into a malware stunt like the ones on Coronavirus mitigation pack that can definitely take your data. You ought to just tap on such a message or forward.

“Manufactures like this can have evidently legitimate effects close to the beginning, anyway really at the speed they can spread. You get the opportunity of trickiness being added which can make it go out of control,” Jake Moore, a network protection ace from ESET told Forbes.

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