Hot Diggity Dog! Wednesday is Hot Dog Day. Here are your top dog spots in Clarksville

Hot Diggity Dog! Wednesday is Hot Dog Day

Hot Diggity Dog — There’s nothing better than “ketch’in up” and “relish’in” the great occasions with your companions at a late spring grill (socially removed and conceal up obviously, in this extraordinary year of 2020).

Are you a customary ketchup, mustard, relish, stew, cheddar, and so forth individual? Or then again do you like forte garnishes? A few people put egg, tomato, cilantro, Sriracha, slaw, olives, feta cheddar and an assortment of fixing gatherings to make extraordinarily bested gourmet wieners.

Anyway you top them, more sausages are eaten in July than some other month of the year, with more than 150 million franks being eaten every Independence Day. It is therefore that July is National Hot canine month.

This year, National Hot Dog Day falls on Wednesday, July 22. Here are a couple of our preferred places in Clarksville to get a hot diggity hound and celebrate.

Hot Diggity Dog

Chicago Gyros

Chicago Gyros and More is situated on Madison Street before Lowes. While the menu is to a great extent Greek propelled, they are likewise known for their sausages.


Their Chicago Style Dog comes stacked down with mustard, relish, onion, sports peppers, pickle, a cut of tomato and celery salt on a poppy seed bun. They are an ideal ally for the prepared fries.

Chi-town Hot Dogs

Chi-town Hot Dogs is a mother and-pop shop situated on Riverside Drive close to Big Lots. Proprietors Dan and Donna Johnson have been doing business for a long time and are known for their adoration for the network.

The menu includes a full cluster of fixings for Italian meat and bean stew style sausages. They additionally offer bean stew tamales, Frito meals and a pickle-on-a-stick. For those in a rush, Chi-town likewise has a drive-through.

First class Hot Dogs

First class Hot Dogs is situated on Fort Campbell Boulevard in Oak Grove. They have just been doing business for a long time yet gloat great food. They have a wide range of wieners and garnishes, just as a family benevolent air. It might be a farther drive for a few, however it merits the exertion

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