How to activate decibel control in iOS 14 to take care of the health of our ears if we use headphones a lot


The cell phone today is as yet an apparatus to be in contact with others: indeed, albeit many don’t trust it, it is valuable for calling. In any case, alongside the calls, numerous different capacities have shown up that permit its utilization as a camera, comfort, music player (particularly with earphones) … and this is the region that this article centers, pondering the strength of our ears.

It is normal for some clients who utilize the versatile as a music player to mishandle the volume at specific occasions, particularly when utilizing earphones. Something that can have wellbeing outcomes on our hear-able framework, particularly on the off chance that it is a constant and drawn out use. A difficult Apple needs to relieve with the alternative that we can discover in iOS 14.


Control decibels

It is a strategy by which we give « consent » to the iPhone to that investigates the earphone sound and diminishes sounds that surpass the decibel level permitted so that over the long haul, and with delayed use, we don’t have determined medical issues.

To enact and adjust this capacity, we should enter the « Settings » general of our terminal outfitted with iOS 14 and parchment somewhat in the rundown until we discover the segment « Sounds and vibrations ».

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By tapping on it, we will see a progression of choices, the one that intrigues us is the one with the title « Headphone Safety » and it is in it that we will press to get to the setup menu.

On this screen we will initially run over a chart that shows the occasions we have surpassed as far as possible suggested on earphones in the previous a half year. The quantity of notification every month shows up obviously, however what intrigues us comes straightaway.

What’s more, we will see a part called « Reduce noisy sounds » which is actuated as a matter of course. On the off chance that we move the initiation box to make it useful, a slider with a control point shows up under it.

Naturally, when actuated it is set at 85 decibels, yet we can put it at the degree of control that best suits our utilization. The scale begins at 70 decibels and goes up to 100 decibels and to make it more clear the clamor level we are discussing, it likens it with a circumstance that is simple for us to look consistently.

Along these lines, each time we use earphones, the gadget is liable for investigating and decreasing sounds that surpass the decibel level we have set.

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