How to fix “Screen Overlay Detected” in any android device?

Since Android Marshmallow, a bizarre blunder has been doing the rounds of Screen Overlay Detected. That’s right, we are discussing the secretive Screen Overlay Detected blunder. I label it as puzzling on the grounds that when you begin investigating, it vanishes just to return again later.

Irritating as it might get, this blunder not just prevents you from dispatching a couple of unique applications yet, in addition, impedes completing work. So in this fragment today we’ll discuss how to eliminate the Screen Overlay Detected mistake on any Android gadget.

What’s more, that is what I like about Android, whatever issues you go over, you either have an answer covering up in settings or there’s an outsider application to help you out of it. Only a tad of time is everything necessary.

Screen Overlay Detected

Screen Overlay Detected
Screen Overlay Detected


Before we dig into the arrangement, let us first see why the blunder happens in any case. Android Marshmallow and its replacement, Nougat has another element brought as ‘Draw over other applications’. As reminiscent of its name, this element permits to draw over other applications, basically it permits to make a screen overlay over a functioning application.

The most widely recognized instances of a screen overlay are the Facebook visit heads, the dull color of a WhatApp cover or any application which makes a dim tint on the screen like Twilight or Night Mode.

Screen Overlay Detected

The mistake creeps in when another application is dispatched and it demands authorizations when an overlay is running. The authorizations can be a solicitation for the inner stockpiling or contacts. Since Android doesn’t permit changing consent over a functioning overlay, we see a mistake that the framework has experienced a Screen Overlay.


However vexatious as it very well might be, the arrangement is adequately straightforward. You should simply change a couple of settings on your Android.


In the vast majority of the cases, it’s the application running behind the scenes that meddles with the dispatched application. For example, applications like Twilight, MaskChat or Pixbars runs quietly without you understanding that they are really meddling with the application being dispatched.

Thus, the ideal easy route is cripple these applications quickly and afterward dispatch the application which you were attempting in any case.


More often than not, the blunder likewise accompany the alternative to open the settings menu and give the essential consents. Nonetheless, that differs from one telephone to another. For the situation when your gadget doesn’t show the spring up, stress not, we have another option.

write down on search box “draw over other apps” then add permit .

In the event that you are utilizing a telephone with stock Android, head over to the settings menu and search utilizing the watchword draw. Among the alternatives showed, click on draw over other applications and flip the changes to On, any place it’s off.

  • On non-stock devices, head over to Settings > Applications and tap on the three-dot menu. Among the many options, you will get a Apps that can appear on top option, tap on it and toggle the switches to On.


Over the long haul this issue has been this is improved in the greater part of the top of the line telephones like the One-Plus 3/3T or the Samsung Galaxy S8 (the foundation application is incapacitated immediately) still, it figures out how to incense the majority of the clients when it chooses to appear during the most sudden spots. The above settings ought to get the job done of disposing of the Screen Overlay Error and assist you with having a blunder free Android life.

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