How to transfer your Google Play Music library to YouTube Music

Google Play Music is leaving toward the year’s end, leaving YouTube Music as Google’s just spilling music administration. In any case, before that occurs, you have the opportunity to move over your music library, proposals, bought tunes, and individual transfers to YouTube Music with only a couple of taps. This will guarantee that you won’t lose any substance when Google Play Music is in the end closed down.

The exchange procedure should be possible with an Android gadget, iPhone, or from the web. Regardless of which strategy you pick, the entirety of your stuff gets moved over out of sight, and you’ll have the option to tune in to YouTube Music and utilize the application like ordinary.


The procedure is the equivalent for cell phones whether or not you’re utilizing Android or iOS.

Ensure you have the most recent form of YouTube Music introduced from Google Play or the App Store

Open YouTube Music. You may get a popular up publicizing YouTube Music Premium. Simply overlook that for the present.

On the primary home screen, you should see a pennant that says “Move your Play Music library.” If you head to the application’s settings, you’ll additionally see another “Move from Google Play Music” alternative, which is a second method of starting the procedure. On the off chance that you can’t discover either technique, Google probably won’t have revealed the exchange highlight to your record yet, so return.

Tap on “We should Go.” YouTube Music will at that point show everything that you’re going to relocate over from Google Play Music, including melodies, collections, playlists, buys, transfers, your customized taste profile/proposals, and your enjoyed and hated tunes.

Hit “Start Transfer” at the base, and the procedure will start. (Note: by finishing this progression, you’re consenting to YouTube’s terms of administration, put away music approach, and Google’s security strategy.) If you pick “Not Now,” you’ll come back to the principle YouTube Music home screen, and the pennant about moving your substance will at present be there.

When the procedure gets in progress, you’ll see a diligent “moving your Google Play Music library” status bar at the highest point of YouTube Music. Contingent upon the size of your library and what number of others are as of now doing the exchange procedure, the relocation should be possible in minutes or keep going up to a couple of days. Things like playlists and your taste inclinations will move over immediately, with transfers and buys taking the longest since Google is making an immediate duplicate of those records.

At the point when the exchange is finished, you’ll get both a warning in the application and an email affirming that you’re good to go

After it’s completely done, investigate and ensure everything effectively made the stumble over. You ought to likewise now observe a “keep tuning in from Google Play Music” push on the home screen to make the change somewhat more consistent as you acclimate yourself with the YouTube Music application.


You can likewise start the exchange from YouTube Music on the web — both on versatile and from a work area program. The underneath video goes over that procedure, which isn’t excessively far off from the portable procedure.

Google Play Music stays accessible for the time being, and you’ll have the option to continue getting to the administration much in the wake of moving your library to YouTube Music. Yet, on the off chance that you make changes to playlists or some other piece of your library on Google Play Music, you’ll have to do another exchange for them to be considered YouTube Music. The two administrations don’t match up content.

Fortunately, Google just exchanges anything that’s been changed or is new during resulting moves and won’t attempt to duplicate your whole library once more. The content will peruse somewhat better, as well, and should state something like “move your most recent Google Play Music augmentations.”

I truly love Google Play Music! How much longer do I need to continue utilizing it?

Google hasn’t yet declared precisely when Google Play Music will go disconnected, yet it’s booked to happen at some point in the not so distant future. Pushing ahead, you can hope to see messages like the one beneath in Google Play Music.

Since YouTube Music doesn’t let you purchase music, what’s befalling the collections and melodies I bought from Google Play Music?

Any music you’ve bought will currently show up in the transfers segment of YouTube Music, which can be found in the right-side tab when perusing your library or survey list items.

Shouldn’t something be said about web recordings?

Google Podcasts is presently the organization’s favored player for digital recordings, with the goal that’s what you can use after you proceed onward from Google Play Music.

Is it conceivable that I’ll lose a few melodies on YouTube Music that I could already stream on Google Play Music?

Indeed, there may be situations where this occurs. The music lists of YouTube Music and Google Play Music are not an ideal 1:1 match. On the off chance that a track is inaccessible, YouTube Music will show it as turned gray out in a playlist. It does this so that if the organization gets rights to that melody later on, it’ll appear in the spots you expect it naturally.

In any case, remember that your own transfers will all exchange over. What’s more, in the event that you in the end find that a track is absent from YouTube Music’s spilling inventory after the relocation, you can simply transfer it from your PC on the off chance that you have it helpful.

Transfers? How accomplish those work?

YouTube Music at last included individual transfers two or three months prior — and the breaking point has been multiplied from Google Play’s restriction of 50,000 and is currently 100,000 melodies. I think this is perhaps the best part of the whole assistance. Be that as it may, there’s not, at this point a work area application for sending your documents to the cloud; you’ve go to transfer them utilizing the YouTube Music site.

By what means will my Google Play Music membership move over?

Google breaks down your present Google Play Music membership benefits during the exchange procedure to YouTube Music and gives you the proportional membership. For instance, if your arrangement recently included advertisement free YouTube get to, you’ll keep that. On the off chance that it didn’t, you’ll simply get YouTube Music’s standard arrangement. The value you pay every month and your charging date ought to continue as before.

I despite everything have that extremely modest $7.99 membership plan that I got when Google Play Music “All Access” first propelled in 2013. Will I get the chance to keep it with YouTube Music?

Fairly extraordinarily, the response to this inquiry is yes. Google is doing well by clients and letting them keep up that limited time rate from years prior significantly in the wake of exchanging over to YouTube Music. Furthermore, on the off chance that you live in a market where the $7.99 likewise got you promotion free customary YouTube, you’ll be keeping that, as well. New clients can’t get anything even near that sweet of an arrangement. Appreciate.

Shouldn’t something be said about family designs?

Family designs likewise move over to their YouTube Music proportional, and Google reveals to me that clients who do the relocation procedure will be grandfathered into the Google Play Music family plan rules. YouTube Music requires all clients on a family intend to live at a similar location — I don’t know how exacting about this the organization is — yet Google Play Music never had this standard, so existing clients won’t need to stress over it.

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