Jake Fromm apologizes “I’m truly sorry for my words” as his racist text uncovers.

Jake Fromm

Emma Watson apologized for something did recently. Now, we are getting an apology for something Buffalo Bills quarterback Jake Fromm did a year ago.

To give you a brief, one of Jake Fromm’s conversation was posted on twitter with account @ashleymp20. The conversation is of March 2019, i.e over a year ago and mentioned about ‘white elite people’. As it was exposed at the time of the world-wide protest against racism, a lot of people were furious.

Fans defensively said,” If it is him, these are from March 2019. You just wanted to bash someone for your own attention. No respect for you ruining another person’s life for your own gain”, there were comments like, “People mad at her (@ashleymp20) for sharing his words are fucking crazy. HE SAID IT! Be mad at him! Don’t attack her and say she’s just trying to get famous. That’s equivalent to victim shaming. She’s absolutely right. Too many people let racist remarks slide. He deserved to be called out. 

Jake Fromm , yesterday, apologized for the words used by him. He posted the following.                                                                                   

Apology from Jake Fromm: Twitter

He clarified that using the words ‘elite white people’ was not right on his part. Not only apologized for his actions but also addressed his teammates and coaches yesterday explaining that this is not who he is. He promised to be a part of the solution and asked for forgiveness.

He also stated that “now is the time for support and togetherness” as “he stands against racism 100%.”

Well, using such words is racist and unkind. However, there is no need to expose someone over something that happened a year ago. Jokes are silly and don’t mean anything. But people love entertainment and @ashleymp20 gave that. All of this only leads to ruining reputation of a person who might actually not be a racist from heart. People generally pass racist comments in private, however this clarifies that anyone can expose you over silly jokes you don’t mean.

Non racist talk is something we need to cultivate in us , in our parents and in our children since inception. Everyone needs to practice it in their daily lives, may be only then can such comments stop coming in. Such incidents though mean nothing, don’t take much time to become a mountain of a mole-hill. Courtesy : People.

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