JoJo Siwa Breaks Social Media by Letting Her Hair Down — Fans Think She’s Teasing Her Future

This isn’t the first run through JoJo Siwa has relaxed as of late, yet the “wipe” video she shared to her TikTok just before her seventeenth birthday celebration has numerous fans conjecturing that the child star is prodding a less technicolor future.

Many are stating this means maybe JoJo’s time with Nickelodeon might be reaching a conclusion. The previous “Move Moms” star marked with the brand in 2017 and has since brought forth a marking realm.

All through, she has kept up her mark look and lively style, including the high pig tail, monstrous bow, rainbow-hued shines in all that she wears and a vitality level that must be portrayed as a sugar rush on a sugar rush.

She even brought the entirety of that mark strut to “The Masked Singer” this past season, however everybody quickly realized that it was her.

In this new short clasp, which has been seen about 14 million times on her TikTok page, JoJo is seen cleaning a mirror in her mark look before cleaning the glass and changing into a progressively commonplace looking high school young lady, with her hair down in an easygoing shirt.

The video is a piece of a “wipe” pattern on the web based life stage where individuals experience moment and emotional changes, however JoJo’s inscription underscoring that tomorrow is her birthday has many hypothesizing this is demonstrative of the heading she’s going with her vocation once she turns 17.

Provided that this is true, it’s a difficult street all around trod by many who’ve preceded her, including Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, Miley Cyrus, Demi Lovato, Ariana Grande and Selena Gomez. While all can apparently be said to have come out well, it was certainly a rough street for a few to get to adulthood.

As JoJo’s name exploded on Twitter over this video, fans started to hypothesize about what it may mean, with some kidding – or worrying – that she might be going down the more lustful way a portion of her ancestors have gone.

Still others have unusually concluded that this video has lesbian undercurrents, which made a peculiar online discussion. As such, there were responses everywhere about a basic style move – yet an emotional one – to the point JoJo Siwa was slanting in the Top 10 on Twitter profound into the night.

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