Madison Beer is facing backlash for saying she ‘romanticizes’ the 1955 novel ‘Lolita’

Madison Beer, an artist and TikTok star who flaunts 11 million devotees on the stage, is confronting reaction in the wake of confessing to “romanticizing” the novel “Lolita” by Vladimir Nabokov, an account of a moderately aged educator who gets fixated on a 12-year-old young lady.

In an Instagram Live Q&A recorded on Saturday, Beer told watchers that her preferred book was Nabokov’s 1955 novel. At the point when one watcher remarked, “If it’s not too much trouble TELL ME YOU DON’T ROMANTICIZE LOLITA,” she reacted, “I certainly do. Be that as it may, we’re not going to discuss that.”

The clasp was recorded and partaken in a story on the @igmodelconfess Instagram account, a page committed to remarking on influencers’ conduct, before coursing broadly on Twitter where some retweets of the video got more than 350,000 perspectives.

“I like to show that regardless of how celebrated you will be, you ought to consistently be considered responsible for your harmful conduct,” the Instagram client behind @igmodelconfess advised Insider of her choice to advertise the clasp. “I trust that my post shows the stalwart Madison Beer fans that you shouldn’t simply indiscriminately safeguard somebody. They merit a superior good example as I would see it.”

“Wow Madison Beer truly said she romanticized a book about pedophilia and you all aren’t even going to state anything,” one Twitter client inscribed the re-shared clasp.

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