Microsoft Azure – A one stop solution to all needs.

Microsoft Azure – A one stop solution to all needs || We have already read and known about Microsoft Azure’s amazing hybrid cloud computing services...

We have already read and known about Microsoft Azure’s amazing hybrid cloud computing services, it’s storage
& backup services and also network services but it is something much more than that and has a lot of varied
facilities to offer making it a one stop solution to all the business needs. To list down all of them, apart from
above, Azure also has to offer, development tools, web application services, Azure container services, synapse
analytics, Azure bot service and machine learning, integration and identity, security and media, block chain
services, management and governance.

With Microsoft recent acquisitions of Affirmed Networks and Metaswitch networks, it is on a road map to
change the face of future of not only telecommunication and technology industry but also industries such as
financial services, hospitals, real estates and many more.

One of the best feature of 5G is high speed wireless connectivity with very low latency and the integration of
Azure cloud services with 5G connectivity has led to a better edge computing competences. This will enable
users to gain ultimate experiences such as online gaming which means that gamers will have increased
responsiveness in every click even in multi-player games and developers will be able to work with high intensity
graphics. It will also enable conducting remote meetings and events at offices with smart analytical

With the ongoing need of companies to have their employees work from home, many will prefer cloud
infrastructure services. During Covid-19 situation, industries will have a paradigm shift to cloud computing set
up for eternity. While there are other services such as Google cloud and Amazon web services (AWS), Microsoft Azure would definitely have a growing demand in coming years. With the anticipated need of cloud based
arrangement in companies across world, there’s an anticipated supply shortage of such services as well. Azure
officials have already been trying to catch up with increasing demand however this is just the beginning.
In India, approximately 2.5k industries are already using Microsoft Azure and it is expected to increase many
folds. Cloud computing will also be supported and favored by governments as it is already one of the major
contributors to the global economy and has a lot of potential to grow further.

In a research conducted by Bahjat Fakieh, it explains how cloud computing when used by SMEs will have a significant impact on economy with synergy benefits. It’s conclusion states that, “It is recommended to focus more on each SMEs business sectors;

especially the top utilizers of cloud computing; to get more understanding to their needs and goals from the
cloud. In addition, the least adopting sectors are recommended to explore their reasons for not acquiring cloud
based services and to find the possible solution to facilitate taking the advantage of cloud computing in order to
target the main goals, which are gaining competitive advantage and; by the end; improving the national
economy and productivity”

As it is said that sometimes we improve immensely and effectively only when the circumstances force us to do
so and this pandemic is one such situation. The technological advancements are one of the main solutions to
help us get back on track and be more adaptive towards future.

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