My father is really pleased, had full family’s help: Renee Gracie on leaving Supercars for grown-up industry

My father is really pleased, had full family's help

Previous Supercars female driver Renee Gracie made a vocation characterizing change to the grown-up industry and has now uncovered that she had full help of her family.


Previous Supercars driver Renee Gracie made a profession definining change to the grown-up industry a couple of years prior

Gracie purportedly makes $25,000 every week in her new calling

The 25-year-old likewise uncovered that she had the full help of her family, particularly her father on the profession switch

Vocation switches are normal however one once in a while goes over the kind of changes in proficient life that previous Australian Supercar driver Renee Gracie created. The 25-year-old has left motorsports for a vocation in the grown-up industry, that too with the full help of her family.

Renee, who was Australia’s first-since forever full-time female Supercars driver, professed to be battling to bring in cash from motorsports and subsequently chose to do the radical switch. In a meeting a week ago, the now pornography star called this change “the best thing I have done in as long as I can remember.”

“In all honesty my Father knows it and supports it,” she said. “I figure you could state my Father is really glad in view of the budgetary position I am in and what I have had the option to do with the site. You take a gander at what I have accomplished not what I am doing, it has been a triumph.”

Shouting out about her dashing profession, Renee said that absence of financing end up being the last nail in the casket for her vocation in motorsports.

In the last Super2 period of her profession, Gracie figured out how to make sure about a best 10 completion just a single time out of the 17 races she took an interest in. In her presentation season in 2015, she had joined forces with Swiss driver Simona de Silvestro, with her best complete the process of being at twelfth spot

Her new calling is taking photographs of herself and putting it on the web to acquire cash. On this change, Renee needs individuals to concentrate on what she has accomplished over this brief timeframe as opposed to what she does.

“I wasn’t acceptable at hustling, I quit dashing, it’s done, it’s finished… it’s insane that individuals figure I can’t do what I do now on account of what I did previously.

In 2015, Gracie made her Super2 Arrangement debut, and the following year, she was in the Supercars Dunlop Arrangement. She joined Winged serpent Hustling in 2017 yet was supplanted only 5 races later which is the point at which she chose to stop motorsports and seek after a profession in the grown-up industry. She currently apparently makes $25,000 per week.

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