‘My pay is not worth it’: Jon Jones gives up UFC title after row with Dana White

Jon Jones tweeted on Sunday that he is surrendering his UFC title as a result of a compensation contest.

“To the light-heavyweight title – veni, vidi, vici,” tweeted Jones, utilizing the Latin expression signifying “I came, I saw, I vanquished,” ascribed to Julius Caesar. Inquired as to whether was surrendering his title, he tweeted “Yes.”

At the point when one of Jones’ 2.3 million Twitter devotees proposed he was harming himself more than the UFC, Jones answered: “I hurt myself each time I exit there and take a punch to the head and not feel my compensation is justified, despite all the trouble any longer.”

The 32-year-old Jones had been peering toward a battle with heavyweight Francis Ngannou, yet said the UFC would not like to pay him enough. UFC President Dana White said the contender needed “insane” cash, refering to requests of $15m, $20m and $30m.

“He can do anything he desires to do. He can sit out, he can battle, he can whatever,” White said on Saturday night after an occasion in Las Vegas. “Jon Jones can say anything he desires freely. It’s his undeniable right here in America. He can say anything he desires. What’s more, when he’s prepared to return and battle, he can.”

ones is viewed as a standout amongst other UFC contenders of his period. He has a 26-1 record and held his title in February by beating Dominick Reyes by consistent choice. He was deprived of his reality title in 2015 after an attempt at manslaughter occurrence, and has had various brushes with the law. The most recent came for the current year when he was captured on a gun charge.

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