Nioh 2 Guide: How to Interact with Purple Kodamas and How to Beat Mezuki

Nioh 2 is at long last here, and on the off chance that you’ve gotten your hands on it, we’ve assembled a couple of tips and deceives to assist you with traversing the game, including how you should communicate with the underhanded purple Kodamas all through the game and how to beat your first supervisor fight.

Charming Little Evil Purple Kodamas

Other than the charming green Kodamas covered up in the game degrees of Nioh 2, you’ll experience its malicious and threatening – yet still well disposed abhorrence twin: a purple Kodama, or all the more formally known as a Sudama.

When you experience this little beast, a brief that says, “It appears to need something,” will show up, and many aren’t sure how to proceed.

Tip number one: don’t assault them, use Ki heartbeats, or toss anything at them, and rather, exchange something off your stock, according to VG247.

Open your stock and press the Triangle catch to drop one.

The little beast will get it and will offer you something of a similar irregularity and level, and obviously, these purple folks love sparkling items with the goal that you can offer them a bit of shield, soul center, weapon, or a consumable.

On the off chance that you drop it a weapon or a bit of shield, it regularly exchanges it for something else however with a similar level and irregularity, so it’s an incredible method to dispose of some stuff you don’t need.

First Boss Fight

As you push through the initial scarcely any long periods of Nioh 2, you’ll be met with your first supervisor fight: an eye to eye with Mezuki, an evil spirit with the leader of a pony and the manager from the Village of Cursed Blossoms strategic.

To beat Mezuki, your character ought to at any rate be a level 8, and that you’ve aced Nioh 2’s mechanics and frameworks for a superior battling possibility.

Mezuki is furnished with a goliath weapon and does clearing movements to hit its foes and arrangement a considerable amount of harm, so what you ought to do is maintain a strategic distance from these assaults and hop in at the correct minute to do a progression of assaults, at that point avoid.

Do this for a long time until you’re ready to do a Burst Counter as the evil presence sparkles red, which implies it’s getting ready for a major assault.

In the event that you effectively do the counter, you’ll have the option to bargain greater harm, in addition to Mezuki will lurch for a piece, so you can utilize this minute to toss all that you have, including a Heaven assault that lets you evade a foe and play out a Ki beat simultaneously.

Sooner or later, expect Mezuki to utilize Dark Realm, which will cover the whole field and will make your stamina reestablish more slow.

Simply be careful and return to your first technique as Mezuki’s assaults will continue as before, up until the last third of its wellbeing, where it will shoot spirits at you from a separation. Sidestep them by moving side to side, and return to assaulting when there’s an opening until you’ve slaughtered your first Nioh 2 chief.

Nioh 2 is out now and is accessible to play on PS4, while it will be accessible in November for PC.

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