Oakland A’s coach Ryan Christenson apologizes for making what looked like a Nazi salute


Oakland Athletics seat mentor Ryan Christenson has apologized for raising his arm during a postgame festivity in what resembled a Nazi salute.

Christenson made the motion while welcoming nearer Liam Hendriks after the A’s 6-4 win over the Texas Rangers on Thursday.

Hendriks promptly pushed Christenson’s arm down, and cameras indicated Christenson chuckling and quickly raising his arm a subsequent time.

Christenson confronted analysis after video of the motion flowed via web-based networking media.

Oakland A’s coach Ryan Christenson apologizes


“I committed an error and won’t deny it,” Christenson said in an announcement gave through the group. “Today in the burrow I welcomed players with a signal that was hostile. On the planet today of COVID, I adjusted our elbow knock, which we do after successes, to make some separation with the players. My motion inadvertently brought about a supremacist and horrendous salute that I don’t have confidence in. What I did is inadmissible and I profoundly apologize.”

The A’s known as the motion “hostile” and apologized for it.

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“We don’t bolster or excuse this motion or the supremacist notion behind it,” the group said in an announcement. “This is unbelievably hostile, particularly during circumstances such as the present when we as a club thus numerous others are attempting to uncover and address racial disparities in our nation. We are profoundly grieved this occurred on our playing field.”

The 46-year-old Christenson played six years in the majors from 1998 to 2003. He went through quite a long while instructing in the minors before turning into the A’s seat mentor in 2018.

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