OnePlus 8T official cases lineup gets a new Quantum Bumper Special Edition

OnePlus 8T

OnePlus 8T official cases lineup gets a new

OnePlus generally uncovers select authority cases with each cell phone. That is the situation with the OnePlus 8T and this time, the organization has turned it up an indent by dispatching more than one shades of Cyan.

In the first place, OnePlus dispatched four new shades of legitimate cases with the OnePlus 8T. They are Karbon Guard Case, Quantum Guard case Cyborg Cyan. Furthermore, two Dark and Cyan shades of Sandstone Guard case. These are embellishments and are sold independently. In any case, OnePlus groups a silicone TPU(Thermoplastic Polyurethane) case in the case alongside OnePlus 8T. This silicone case has a major ‘Never Settle’ logo on the sides.

OnePlus 8T cases – Costs


All the cases will be sold by means of the OnePlus authority site. The Indian(₹), USA($), and Europe(€) costs are recorded beneath:

  • Quantum Guard case Cyborg Cyan-₹1,490/$34.99/€32.95.
  • Karbon Guard case-₹1,990/$39.99/€39.95
  • Sandstone Guard case(Black and Cyan)- ₹799/$24.99/€24.95

Quantum Guard case Cyborg Cyan

OnePlus 8T

Keeping that is aside, we feel the coolest of them is the Quantum Guard case Cyborg Cyan. OnePlus says it has a modern plan and is an Exceptional Release. It has designs like a circuit board and rare sorts of people who got the cases early state it has a 3D impact when moved.

OnePlus says the cases are intended to coordinate the Greenish blue Green shade of the OnePlus 8T with a clear plan and higher effect obstruction. It gauges case is 36g, measures 16.37cm7.79cm1.13cm, and is made of PET(Polyethylene terephthalate) and TPU.

Karbon Guard case

This is likely known to a large number clients. OnePlus ordinarily makes a Karbon Guard case for its leader models and 8T gets it as well. The material utilized is Kevlar and TPU. Kevlar is a manufactured polymer. It gauges 24g and measures 16.34cm7.75cm1.05cm. Much the same as different cases, we can expect toughness and solace here. However, the plan gives a ton of carbon-fiber surface all through.

OnePlus 8T

Sandstone Guard case (Cyan, and Dark)

This is another standard case variation of OnePlus. The new Sandstone case has two shadings Dark and Cyan. The Sandstone here alludes to the brushed completion it has taking after sand. Material is PC(Polycarbonate) and TPU. It gauges 31g and measures 16.37×7.8×1.09cm.

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