500 workers ask Sundar Pichai to stop protecting harassers at Google


In excess of 500 representatives have sent an open letter to Alphabet and Google CEO Sundar Pichai, requesting that the organization quit ensuring the harassers and give laborers a climate liberated from their victimizers.

The letter came after previous Google engineer Emi Nietfeld composed an assessment piece in The New York Times, claiming that she had to have one-on-one gatherings with the one who irritated her.

“My harasser actually sat close to me. My administrator disclosed to me H.R. wouldn’t make him change his work area, not to mention telecommute or go on leave,” she composed.

The letter that was distributed on Medium late on Friday, read that “This is a long example where Alphabet secures the harasser as opposed to ensuring the individual hurt by the provocation. The individual who reports provocation is compelled to bear the weight, for the most part leaving Alphabet while their harasser stays or is compensated for their conduct”.

The representatives said that Alphabet has a past filled with such working environment provocation.

Google CEO Sundar Pichai, demanding that the company stop protecting the harassers and provide workers an environment free from their abusers

Andy Rubin, the maker of Android versatile programming, was granted a $90 million leave bundle after a lady blamed him for constraining her into performing oral sex.

Amit Singhal, a previous hunt chief, was granted $35 million when he had to leave after a rape examination.

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“Even after in excess of 20,000 Alphabet laborers left to fight inappropriate behavior and assurance of harassers, Alphabet has not changed, and didn’t meet any of the Google Walkout requests,” the letter pushed.

“Letter set specialists merit the option to work in a climate liberated from their victimizers. Letters in order should focus on the wellbeing of their laborers by focusing on the worries of those hurt,” it added.

In an articulation to The Verge, a Google representative said: “We’ve made critical enhancements to our general interaction, including the manner in which we deal with and explore worker concerns, and presenting new consideration programs for representatives who report concerns”.

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