Play PUBG for Free on Steam Till June 8; Find Out

Play PUBG for Free on Steam

PUBG (Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds) is currently accessible for nothing to play on Steam during the current end of the week, for example till June 8. The entire game will be opened for players which incorporate the new Ranked playlist. The in-game store will be the main exemption.

For the data of gamers, PUBG posted a short message on their site about the move.

PUBG stated, “As security measures encompassing COVID-19 keep on keeping individuals in their homes, the #PlayApartTogether message stays similarly as significant. To additionally bolster this industry-wide activity, we’re running a PUBG Free Play Weekend on Steam!”

Gamers can play PUBG on Steam from June 4 5.30 pm IST until June 8 10.30 pm IST that also for nothing.

On the off chance that gamers need to keep playing PUBG after the end of the week, they can buy the equivalent at a limited cost.

The report likewise expresses that the individuals who like to play PUBG throughout the end of the week need to go to Steam and visit the PUBG page. On that page click the ‘Play Game’ button. After the game closures introducing on the PC, you can play PUBG without any problem.

Despite the fact that one needs to remember that in the event that you have not purchased the game, you won’t have the option to buy anything or do any microtransactions.

PUBG is additionally offered on PlayStation 4 (PS4) and Xbox One. In any case, PUBG won’t be accessible for nothing on any of these stages.

A month ago PUBG last included the 7.2 fix notes. The update comprises of a Ranked Mode, levels and divisions alongside the changes in accordance with different guns. There are a few changes to the defensive layer in PUBG fix 7.2 too.

PUBG stated, “Vests gave protection as well as gave extra stock space. In any case, it felt entirely terrible to quickly lose that space when your vest was crushed in battle.”

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