Pokemon Go Cliff, Sierra, and Arlo counters: How to beat the Team Rocket leaders during Go Fest 2020

Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go

In case you’re searching for the best Pokemon Go Cliff, Sierra, and Arlo counters to bring down the three Team Rocket pioneers, you’ve gone to the opportune spot. The trio have been in Pokemon Go for quite a while, with setups of Pokemon that every now and again change, and have done so by and by for Pokemon Go Fest 2020. So for those of you thinking about how to beat Arlo, Cliff, or Sierra, fret no more. Here are the best Pokemon Go Sierra, Arlo, and Cliff counters right now in the tables underneath every depiction.

When you’ve beaten the three Team Rocket pioneers, ensure you set out to find out about how to beat Giovanni in Pokemon Go as well!

Pokemon Go

Pinsir counters

First up is Pinsir, which is exclusively a Bug-type Pokemon. This implies it’s frail to Fire-, Flying-, and Rock-type moves, yet it can even now give some genuine harm with its Fighting-type moves, so the accompanying counters are the most ideal decisions.

Tyranitar counters

Tyranitar is scandalously one of the most grounded Pokemon in Pokemon Go PvP, and in light of current circumstances. It utilizes Dark-and Steel-type fast moves, with Fire-, Rock-, and Dark-type charge moves. Fortunately, it has a twofold shortcoming to Fighting-type moves, which makes Pokemon like Lucario and Machamp brilliant decisions.

Articuno counters

Precipice has the amazing ice flying creature Articuno in his ownership, so it’s an extreme battle. It’s twofold frail to Rock-type moves however, alongside having a standard shortcoming to Electric-, Fire-, and Steel-types. Try not to utilize Ground-type Pokemon under any situation since it has a twofold opposition, while Grass-and Bug-types likewise won’t charge well.

Beldum counters

Beldum may look simple to overcome, yet don’t be tricked. This double Steel-/Psychic-type is frail to Fire-, Dark-, Ground-, and Ghost-type moves, however impervious to an amazing measure of different sorts. Thus, you totally need one of the accompanying to dispatch of Beldum adequately.

Houndoom counters

Choosing Groudon against Beldum is an incredible yell since when it endures, it’s likewise helpful against Houndoom. Else you’ll need to utilize Fighting-, Ground-, Rock-, and Water-type Pokemon, and maintaining a strategic distance from essentially everything else in light of the fact that Houndoom additionally has a great deal of protections.

Zapdos counters

At last, Sierra has Zapdos. This Electric/Flying-type unbelievable is powerless to just Ice-and Rock-type moves, yet impervious to a great deal of different kinds. Ideally you’ll be entering this battle with your second Pokemon still up to give you the most obvious opportunity.

Mawile counters

What’s this? Another Pokemon with a considerable rundown of protections? Better believe it, you’re going to need to utilize Fire-or Ground-type moves with Mawile, in light of the fact that the Steel-/Fairy-type is impervious to most different sorts.

Scizor counters

Scizor is a Bug-/Steel-type, so Pokemon veterans will know there’s just one sort for the activity; Fire. Fire-type moves bargain twofold harm, so you simply need to toss out the most grounded Fire-type Pokemon you have, as long as both the quick and charged move are Fire-type.

Moltres counters

At that point there’s Moltres, the Fire-/Flying-type unbelievable feathered creature from the original. While Moltres is feeble to Electric-and Water-type Pokemon, you’ll need to utilize Rock-type moves since they bargain twofold harm.

At the point when you’ve beaten every one of the three Team Rocket pioneers, you can take on Giovanni! Snap on the connection in the introduction at the head of the page for additional subtleties on the best way to bring down the Team Rocket chief.


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