PUBG player in Punjab reportedly lost Rs 16 lakh from parents’ bank accounts, made to work at scooter repair shop

PUBG player in Punjab reportedly lost Rs 16 lakh from parents

A high school kid in Punjab lost about Rs 16 lakh from his folks’ ledgers on the mainstream fight royale game PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, otherwise called PUBG. The incredible aggregate of cash was spent on purchasing in-application things, including cannons, goes for competitions, and virtual ammo longer than a month’s term. The guardians have guaranteed the colossal sum was put aside as reserve funds for the youngster’s dad’s clinical costs.

The 17-year-old Khagar-based kid told his folks that he would utilize the cell phone for examining on the web. Rather, he was playing PUBG Mobile unnecessarily on the cell phone of his dad, as indicated by a report by The Tribune. When making on the web exchanges, financial balance subtleties and card subtleties are for the most part saved money on the cell phone for later use by guardians. The kid realized that his dad’s financial balance is connected to the cell phone, which he utilized unnecessarily longer than a month’s time span to purchase different PUBG Mobile things.

As indicated by the kid’s dad, he would make exchanges on PUBG Mobile and erase the messages from the bank, on account of which the charges stayed obscure to them. Guardians came to think about the exchanges simply after they checked on the bank proclamations. Adolescent’s dad disclosed to The Tribune he has an infirmity and that the enormous whole of cash was put something aside for his treatment. Far beyond the cash his dad put something aside for clinical costs, the young person additionally discharged his mom’s fortunate reserve and his own record.

The kid not exclusively made exchanges from three distinct records, having a place with his dad, mother, and him, yet he would likewise rearrange cash between the three records to maintain a strategic distance from guardians from suspecting any adjustments in the record balance. “After we got subtleties from the bank, I found that on a few events, he rearranged sum starting with one bank then onto the next to keep away from nil balance. He was utilizing his mom’s telephone for a long while and she was very little cautious to see this,” the dad told the distribution.

After the surprising episode, the dad has made the kid work at a bike auto shop. “I can’t let him sit inactive at home and can’t give him a cell phone in any event, for contemplating. He is working at a bike auto shop with the goal that he understands that it is so difficult to acquire cash. I am sad now as the cash was put something aside for my child’s future.”

PUBG Mobile outshone different games to have rounded up the most noteworthy income in the long stretches of May and June, as indicated by Sensor Tower. The primary wellspring of this income is for the most part the buys made on the application for Unknown Cash (UC) that is utilized to purchase things, for example, cannons, new ammo, and goes to competitions.

The hit fight royale game has likewise been refered to as one reason adolescents have passed on by self destruction over quite a while. Because of its evil impacts on youngsters’ physical and mental wellbeing, PUBG as of late got prohibited by Pakistan.

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