Qatar to witness partial solar eclipse on June 21

Qatar to witness partial solar eclipse on June 2119551163508391.jpg

Qatar occupants will have a decent opportunity to watch a fractional sun powered overshadowing on the morning of June 21, Qatar Calendar House (QCH) declared.

The annular sunlight based overshadowing will begin once again Qatar sky at 7.13am nearby time and arrive at its most extreme stage at 8.30am when the Moon will cover 80% of the sun powered circle, cosmologist master at QCH, Dr Beshir Marzouk said.

The fractional sun based overshadowing will end over Qatar sky at 10.01am. The length of all sun oriented shroud stages over Qatar sky will be two hours and 48 minutes.

On December 26, 2019, Qatar occupants viewed an annular sun powered obscuration, while on October 25, 2022, they will be seeing a next halfway sun powered overshadowing. Dr Marzouk said.

By and large, sunlight based shrouds happen when the moon goes between the Sun and the Earth with the goal that the Sun is completely or somewhat secured. This can just occur before another Moon stage; when the Sun and Moon are related as observed from the Earth. There are four sorts of sunlight based shroud: absolute, incomplete, annular, and cross breed.

“The Sun ought not be taken a gander at with unaided eyes during an overshadowing,” forewarned Dr Marzouk while educating the utilization concerning sun oriented obscuration glasses or channels.

“Sun powered and lunar shrouds are significant marvels since they are approved galactic computations,” the master brought up.

“In the event that sun based shrouds occur before the first of Hijric months (before new bow), lunar overshadowing occurs at the center of Hijric months (at full moon stage),” he included.

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