Supergirl and Grey’s Anatomy star Chyler Leigh comes out in moving essay about her journey with her sexuality

Supergirl and Grey’s Anatomy star Chyler Leigh

Most popular for playing Lexie Gray in Gray’s Anatomy, Leigh right now stars in Supergirl as Kara Danvers’ sister Alex, who gradually comes to acknowledge she is a lesbian in the show’s subsequent season.

In an ongoing post on the Creating Change site, a LGBT+ association the on-screen character helped to establish, Leigh uncovered she had no clue about how much that scene would resound for her actually, and how noteworthy it would turn into.

“At the point when I was informed that my character was to turned out in season two, a whirlwind of contemplations and feelings flew through and around me in light of the duty I felt to genuinely speak to Alex’s excursion,” she composed.

“What I didn’t understand was the manner by which the scene where she at last admitted her fact would jump off the pages of the content and really become my very own variety. IRL.

“My ardent like it was going to destroy of my chest each take we shot, each time introducing another chance to get those genuine words out of my mouth. Despite the fact that they don’t actually coordinate my own exchange, the heart behind it definitely did. From the chief, the press, the media, the cast, and the fans, I’m despite everything told that it was the most practical coming out scene they’d at any point seen.

“What’s more, to take from Alex’s words, that is on the grounds that there’s some fact to the thing she said about me. The scene is in season two, scene six on the off chance that you wanna see with your own eyes.”

Chyler Leigh tossed her essence into the contacting scene, which was generally lauded as extraordinary compared to other coming out stories in years – and we presently know why.

Lamentably however, not every person in her life was steady. Leigh proceeded to clarify that playing a lesbian character in a prominent show made her lose a portion of her loved ones.

“Since that scene disclosed, I was told from dear companions (and even enthusiastic watchers of Supergirl) that they would no longer watch the show in view of the way that Alex’s excursion took an abandon their not exactly adequate convictions,” she said.

“Before long, they started to remove themselves and in the end my family and I were outsider, denoting the loss of numerous people we cherished.

“In any case, after the underlying sting, I don’t hold resentment towards the negative reaction, on the grounds that as I stated, we as a whole experience considerable difficulties somehow with acknowledgment (whatever the subject might be) regardless of whether towards ourselves or others.”

The Supergirl star proceeded: “It’s been a long and desolate street for both my significant other and myself however I can entire heartedly state that after such a long time, he and I are as yet finding the profundities of ourselves and one another, yet all through our excursion we’ve figured out how to be pleased with what our identity is, regardless of the expense.”

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