The Disciple’s Path Hero Persona for Anti-Mage is live in Dota 2

The Disciple’s Path Hero Persona for Anti-Mage is live in Dota 2

The genderswapped Persona for Anti-Mage is presently live in the Dota 2 International 2020 Battle Pass, which totally replaces the first model and character once chose.

Any player who has arrived at Battle Pass Level 305 will have the option to guarantee the Persona as a reward and prepare to Anti-Mage so as to utilize it in their matches.

Prepared by the first Anti-Mage, the new specialist of the Turstarkuri named Wei has been called into fight to test her abilities. She has another Hero Portrait, Topbar Portrait, and Minimap symbol to help show that she is being treated as an alternate emphasis of the legend, as with most different Personas.

Alongside the littler increments, she additionally has totally new livelinesss and in excess of 900 Persona-selective voice lines.

None of the real ongoing interaction changes when utilizing the Persona, however a large portion of the insights concerning the legend itself are changed to coordinate the new legend and character qualities. The equivalent was valid for the Toy Butcher Pudge Persona, which you can guarantee at Level 255.

This is the last Persona included the TI10 Battle Pass, however once you open her, you can proceed onward to gathering the new Arcana sets. Here are the entirety of the levels identified with Arcanas and Personas in the Battle pass.

Personas and Arcanas

  • Pudge Persona – The Toy Butcher
    • Opens at Level 255
  • Against Mage Persona – The Disciple’s Path
    • Opens at Level 305
  • Phantom King Arcana – The One True King
    • Opens at Level 375
  • Sovereign of Pain Arcana – Eminence of Ristul
    • Opens at Level 445
  • Windranger Arcana – Compass of the Rising Gale
    • Opens at Level 575

Also, don’t stress, while a few pieces of the Anti-Mage has changed with this new character persona. The moniker remains constant — she despite everything abhors enchantment.

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