The Sims 4 Patch Makes Sims Pee Fire Thanks To A Bug

The Sims 4 Patch Makes Sims Pee Fire

The Sims 4 Eco Lifestyle extension will be live in a couple of hours, however an update that has been turned out to get ready players has had some unintended outcomes. Apparently the most recent Sims 4 fix is making Sims pee fire.

In the event that everything sounds somewhat emotional, that is on the grounds that it likely could be. Sims 4 players have been detailing that utilizing the restroom after the most recent fix has brought about flames jumping up in toilets. This is an exceptional sight even in the fairly wacky universe of the Sims, and the authority subreddit for the game has been ablaze with players sympathizing with one another over this weird event.

The regular accord has all the earmarks of being that it is the consequence of the most recent Sims 4 fix. As detailed by Rock Paper Shotgun, there have been various other peculiar bugs springing up in the wake of this substance update, incorporating issues with crashes, spare records not working as proposed, and obviously, this specific consuming issue.

The Sims 4 fix that welcomed this on had various noteworthy updates to how Sims 4 functions now, which may likewise clarify the seriousness and recurrence of the issues experienced by players now. There have been changes to apparatus situation, a lot of different updates for neighborhoods, and changes to how NPCs work ahead of time of Eco Lifestyle showing up. The fix notes for the report on June 3 can be seen in full on EA’s authentic site for the Sims 4 here.

Eco Lifestyle expects to give Sims 4 players a sample of the greener side of life, permitting new alternatives like sunlight based boards, network activities, and dynamic changes to your in-game world relying upon how naturally inviting you are. While this shocking urinary episode was obviously spontaneous, the individuals who purchase this most recent development will an opportunity to extinguish the fire of environmental change at their recreation

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