Tokyo Jetz Faces Backlash For Tasteless George Floyd Joke

Our country is in genuine agony right now after the preventable passings of George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor, and endless others of shading who have lost their lives to police ruthlessness and supremacist assaults over the most recent a while. As fights heighten, individuals keep on being shocked over the treatment of ethnic minorities on the planet. No one ought to be treated just as they are an inferior human and the battle won’t stop until everybody is viewed as equivalent.

Tokyo Jetz, a rapper marked to Grand Hustle, is confronting some significant reaction for offering heartless remarks on her web based life channel, broadcasting her day on Instagram Live and messing with her hairdresser. During the Live, the rapper put her beautician in a wrestling hold and made the accompanying joke: “I’ma George Floyd your muthafuckin’ ass.”

George Floyd was killed a week ago after a since-terminated cop stooped on his neck, limiting his aviation route for a few minutes. He was associated with utilizing a fake $20 greenback.

“The way that u could even say that… @REALTOKYOJETZ crap not a joke ! CANCELED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!,” said one individual.

Various others are standing tall as pundits dismantle her for deriding the demise of George Floyd, particularly when such huge numbers of different big names and individuals in her position have been utilizing their foundation to inspire non-white individuals and dissent in the boulevards.

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