You Can Now Battle Team Rocket’s Jessie And James In Pokémon GO

You Can Now Battle Team Rocket's Jessie And James In Pokémon GO |

Jessie and James, the most notorious individuals from the devious Team Rocket, have advanced into Pokémon GO. Temporarily, you can take them on in fight and get some sweet treats.

This week, Team Rocket sight-seeing balloons have been doing the rounds in Pokémon GO as a route for players to fight the annoying miscreants from home. Presently, a unique Meowth inflatable can be found – simply like the one Jessie and James use in the anime – and on the off chance that you tap it, you’ll have the option to go into a fight with them.

They won’t be around everlastingly, however Eurogamer reports that Jessie and James accompany a gleaming conceivable Shadow Ekans and Koffing, and that Shadow Suicune will likewise be accessible when battling Giovanni in an inflatable. Symbol things roused by Jessie and James are additionally now accessible in the shop.

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