You Don’t Need to Say the Magic Word for This Comic-Con Exclusive Jurassic Park Nedry Figure

You Don't Need to Say the Magic Word for This Comic-Con

Notwithstanding not really occurring, all things considered, for this present year, San Diego Comic-Con will proceed with an online encounter that incorporates a heap of special features not, at this point just accessible on the show floor. That incorporates this Jurassic Park-enlivened phony Barbasol shaving cream can that opens to uncover a Dennis Nedry figure rather than solidified dinosaur undeveloped organisms.

Mattel has been not just bringing its select collectibles A-game to San Diego Comic-Con in the course of recent years, it’s additionally been demonstrating Jurassic Park a great deal of adoration. Following up on a year ago’s John Hammond figure that came in bundling enlivened by the imaginary amusement park’s transcending front doors, this year we’re getting another Dennis Nedry (with an alternate outfit and shape than this Nedry) with bundling that far eclipses the real figure.

This 3.75-inch, Hawaiian shirt clad Nedry figure depends on the character’s first appearance in the film, when he’s met by Dodgson while getting a charge out of a tropical breakfast by the ocean. Embellishments incorporate an absolutely subtle goliath pack of cash, a small Barbasol can, and a cut of cherry pie beat with shaving cream. However, similar to a back to front Twinkie, the genuine explanation authorities and Jurassic Park fans will fuss for this figure is the bundling; a close to life-size Barbasol shaving cream can that—like the prop in the film—slides open to uncover a mystery inside.

The can doesn’t really contain any shaving cream, however bending the base before opening triggers a lot of LEDs making an “emotional light impact,” while squeezing the spout on top plays one of a few of Nedry’s lines from Jurassic Park, including “Uh, uh, uh! You didn’t state the enchantment word!” Pre-orders for the $20 figure will be accessible later today (12pm EST) on Entertainment Earth, and later on Mattel Creations come July, yet gatherers are urged to follow @MattelCreations on Twitter for additional subtleties on accessibility—as, online show or not, the SDCC-selective figure might be accessible in restricted amounts.

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